How to write a powerful abortion essay conclusion?

You’ve put a lot of time into writing a powerful abortion essay. You want to make sure that your teacher gives you a good grade. The best way to do that is by writing a powerful abortion essay conclusion. So how do you do it?

Hit Them where it Hurts

What position have you decided to represent in your essay? Whether it’s pro-choice or pro-life it doesn’t matter. You simply need to stick by that stance throughout the entire essay. Take your reader all the way through the process of understanding why your side of the argument is right.

Then, right there at the end of your essay, in the very last paragraph, you need to deliver a powerful punch of emotion right to their heart.

Do this by using words like “imagine” and “picture,” like this:

“Imagine being a single mother with a fourth child on the way. There is little time for raising the children. It takes two full time jobs just to make ends meet, and that barely happens. A third, part time job might be necessary to provide heat during the winter months. The fourth child will be here by then, and there’s little that can be done to provide any resemblance of a comfortable life. Mistakes were made in the past, and now another person has to suffer because of them. This wouldn’t be necessary if only the pregnancy could be aborted. Right now, that’s a choice women can legally make. If abortion was made illegal, a new baby would come into the world who would unlikely ever know anything except suffering.”

Make them Relate

That’s the power in a powerful conclusion. You have to make them relate. They need to understand the pain that accompanies making the opposite choice of whatever you have decided to represent in your essay.

Make them imagine themselves in that situation. Allow them to feel the pain that would exist if they agreed with the opposing argument. Then they will have no choice but to feel how powerful your statements and positions are.

Of course, you can even do this if you don’t really believe in the position you’ve chosen to represent. Some of the best abortion essays ever written were authored by students who firmly believed in the point of view their paper opposed.

Consider writing the essay with the tips provided in this article and you will have no trouble writing a masterpiece.