A Level Geography Coursework – What’s The Right Approach

Write with confidence. That’s the best approach for developing a successful geography coursework that will get you an A for sure. But let’s find out together how to create a perfect coursework.


An A level geography coursework takes some pretty good thinking from yourself. Start taking a decision but decide if your hometown is a suitable location for your study. You can’t write about rivers or oceans if you live in the middle of the continent. Consider the risks of this assignment and consider its costs. Whether you write about changes in stream velocity from source to end or changes in temperature throughout the night or between seasons in New York, finding a topic that is suitable for your knowledge is a must. A good student knows what his strengths are and how to use them, so try to find a topic that you can find a lot of research for and a topic that you really understand. And then work for it, getting an A+ isn’t going to be easy.


Research is 50% of your final paper. Search over the internet, newspapers, books and go to your local library to find information about the topic you chose. Organize your data and try to set priorities in order to see where you should begin from.


It should have the following structure:

  • Introduction, which should containspecification and what you are aiming to show and hypothesis.
  • Data collection, which contains primary and secondary data with advantages and disadvantages. Be careful at quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Pilot survey, a test to be sure that you will ask the right questions.
  • Advantages and disadvantages for systematic and random sampling.
  • A list of your equipment.
  • Methodology, in order to show the source of your data.
  • Data presentation and data analysis.
  • Conclusion, which should contain valid judgments and effective phrases that verify the validity of your assignment. State what you said in the introduction and make correlations.


The best way to be sure of your A+ is to revise your coursework over and over until you are sure everything is in place. Verify the images; check the numbers and the lists you created. Check the hypothesis, the conclusion and be sure there’s nothing left aside. Ask some friends of yours or someone from your family to review it and tell you their opinion. Is there anything that can be improved? Find out what.