Writing A Research Essay: Never Use These Topics

When you are looking for a topic to focus your research paper on, you are going to want to avoid certain types of topics. There are topics that are going to end up being extremely difficult to research in the long run. Therefore, you are going to want to avoid them as much as possible. Some of the most important types of topics to avoid when gearing up to write a research paper include:

  • You are going to want to watch out for topics that are completely innovative and new to the industry- This is because of the fact that you will have to do research on the topic. If it is a brand new topic, then there might not be enough information available to appropriately research the topic. You will end up with a lot of filler sentences that will take away from the quality of the work that you are providing.
  • You will not want to use topics that are over researched either- When you use a topic that is overly presented, you are risking the fact that the teacher probably knows a lot about the information that you are going to be presenting. Furthermore, the teacher is probably tired of the subject and is more likely to scrutinize your paper in a more in-depth fashion.
  • You will have to avoid topics that are overly controversial to the point that there is too much false information that is based on opinion and not fact.
  • You will want to stay away from topics that are too vague and all encompassing- these types of topics will end up giving you too much information to work through and you will waste a lot of your time trying to make an argument out of a vague topic.

These are just a few of the most important rules that you have to follow in order to make sure that you are finding a topic that is relevant and pointed. Your teacher or professor will be pleased with research topics that are the perfect mix of new, as well as reasonably researched and proven. Remember, it is always better to have a topic that is a little too specific than a topic that is a little too vague. You can always add more information to a specific topic; however, you have to support all parts of a vague topic and this can be extremely challenging.