Where To Get Examples Of Science Research Papers For Free

Sample papers are one of the best ways to overcome any apprehension you may have and dive right in. Once you review a sample paper, you will find that picking a topic and writing your essay is not nearly as challenging. Some of the best places to find viable examples of research papers in your field include:

  • Textbooks from your course
  • Your teacher
  • Your library
  • The internet

Picking a strong topic

When you are given the opportunity to pick your own topic, it can be daunting at first, but there is no need to panic. Almost every student struggles at one point or another with selecting a strong research paper topic. The reason it is so important to pick a good topic because you will be spending quite a bit of time with your research paper, and having a topic of interest is imperative if you want to ensure a successful finished product.

Before you decide on your topic, it is best to have a handful of potential topics available and begin some preliminary research at the library. See if there is enough research available on your subject before you settle on it. You don’t want to pick a topic, dive headfirst into the research, only to find that after a week or two of nights in the stacks, there is little information available. This is a waste of time, one which then requires you to go back and start again. It is also an easy way to break your confidence in the project. So make sure you have enough information to adequately cover your topic before you start the work.

You also want to conduct preliminary research in case the research that exists does not support your thesis. This is often a problem with people who fail to conduct preliminary searches. They have a new and exciting idea, and then quickly find out that the published material refutes the new and exciting idea. Do not let stubbornness keep you tied to a theory that won’t work.

Avoid these pitfalls by having a handful of potential topics. Don’t tie yourself to one right off the bat. Do some preliminary research to find what exists already on the subject, and to make sure published material is adequate in size and in support of your thesis.