Research Paper Writing: How to Conclude your Project

Just as the introduction is important when writing a research paper, the conclusion is just as much critical to the production of a good paper. Although you may feel that the work is done and the conclusion should simply be a few final sentences, this is not true at all. It is a big mistake to think this.

The conclusion of a research paper deserves just as much time and attention as the rest of the report. It should be a quick summary of the information the reader has been represented with in the research writing, but it shouldn’t simply be a few statements that are thrown together.

End the right Way

The conclusion of the research paper should be between 3 and 5 sentences in length. It should summarize the information that you have written earlier in the report, but it should highlight the strong points and still leave the reader wanting to learn more.

The purpose of a research paper is to provide evidence and facts regarding a specific problem. The conclusion shouldn’t tell them all there is to know about the subject.

The conclusion of the report is your last chance to prove what you’ve said in the actual writing. It is a time to provide your thoughts on the matter as well as the time to tie everything together so that the reader understands your points and considers them to be valid.

Reaffirm the thesis that you have given, and show how all of the pieces fit together to draw the conclusion that has been made. Even when doing this you should also remember to leave the reader wanting and wondering what more is there, what is it they are missing. Your conclusion should be thought provoking and very interesting information regarding your chosen topic.

No matter what type of subject your research paper needs to be written on, you can follow this same structure and get the most amazing of results.

Farewell Reader

Now that you understand the importance of the conclusion in your research paper you can be certain that you have an all-around amazing research paper that gets the attention and respect of all who read it. Do not fall short when it is time to conclude the paper. You will be sorry that you did. Your entirely amazing report can be shortened all with this error. Do not make the mistake.