Cheating in Relationships

Infidelity is currently among the hot topics of the day and so, it is not something rare. Cheating in relationships occurs for both men and women and for varied reasons. The reasons for cheating may, however, vary with gender. Simply stating, the reasons why men cheat may be different from the reasons that women cheat. There are facts as well as myths surrounding the issue of infidelity and so it is worth separate myths from facts. More so, one can identify the act of a partner cheating by studying some of the common signs.

Some of the reasons for cheating include conflict avoidance where a partner tends to avoid marital conflicts by resorting to affairs. Sexual addiction for both men and women contribute greatly to infidelity because sexual addicts have poor impulse control. There are also accidental brief affairs that ‘just happens’ mostly when one is drunk, curious or even pity can trap one in such an affair. There is this big reason, retribution, whereby a partner seeks to ‘get back’ at his or her partner by having extramarital affairs. Commonly, a partner would seek affairs when his or her partner withholds love, money, emotion or some other wrongdoing. The internet has also posed as a menace to relationships as it propagates pornography and online dating. Online affairs are currently on the increase. Women cheat mostly as they seek ‘the ideal man’. Women hope to get the best of a man and once their relationships turns not to be as expected they will more often fall in the arms of strangers. Women also feel devalued by their partners as their love wears off and they seek romance outside (How to Cheat Proof Relationships (n.d)). Men mostly cheat because there is that opportunity, not getting enough affection or when they find it easier than ‘fixing things’.

Sign of cheating include higher phone bills, mutual friends act strangely, unbelievable explanations, unexplained receipts of dinner and entertainment and things such as delay in home plans like buying new car or house. It is a myth that affairs inevitably destroy marriage. The fact is that many marriages tend to survive affairs. Another myth is that infidelity is abnormal as well as rare in most societies. However, infidelity among men is a thing with many societies. It is also believed that men initiate all affairs but men and women initiate affairs. AIDS and STDs not in any way reduce frequency of affairs as is believed.