A Selection Of The Best Argumentative Essay Topics On Healthy Food

Good health does not only mean staying physically active but it also includes a healthy and active brain and proper functioning body organs. People do exercise and walk to stay in shape and look young however; they forget that the most important thing is to eat right. You cannot stay healthy and fresh if you eat junk foods and exercise to burn your calories. You need to start with what goes inside you to make sure you look and feel better and healthier. Natural foods and organic eatables contain special vitamins and essentials to ensure proper functioning of all body parts. Water might be the simplest part of your diet but is most significant in terms of keeping you healthy. It helps blood circulation, increases productivity, vitalizes your skin, keeps your digestive system working fine and makes you a happy individual with a sound body. Similarly, all organic foods contain such essentials that are important to maintain different body parts and functions.

If you are to write an argumentative paper about healthy foods, you need to start with a great topic. The topic is the most important part about your paper because it will decide the future direction of your paper. It is a good way to engage your readers and give them some clue about what they will find in the rest of your essay. An argumentative essay requires students to develop a stance and prove it with strong logical and factual evidence. You need to choose a topic that people can agree or disagree. You cannot move forward if you write about a generally agreed fact or statement. Everyone knows that healthy food is good for us so you cannot simply write this as your topic. You need to provide a topic that can have disagreements as well as agreement.

Engaging argumentative topics on healthy food essay

Below are some interesting topics you can consider while choosing one for your argumentative paper

  1. Obesity is not due to lack of exercise but due to excess of junk foods
  2. Junk foods are not cheaper to afford compared to organic foods
  3. Organic foods are readily available and easy to cook
  4. Buying junk foods to save time is a huge risk to your health
  5. Certain foods can trigger the cognitive thinking process and improve productivity
  6. Wealth and work come secondary to health
  7. You are what you eat
  8. Carbonated drinks are not a healthy alternative to digestive drinks
  9. Healthy eating can save a person from many harmful diseases
  10. Government actions against obesity causing products