Creating A Top-Quality Persuasive Essay On Immigration Reform

From the time Emma Lazarus’ words were inscribed on a bronze plaque at the base of the Statue of Liberty, Americans have struggled with how they can receive the huddled masses yearning to breathe free. But presenting a top-quality, persuasive essay on immigration reform does not need to be a struggle.

Use a Strong Thesis as Bait

Taking a position should not be something you explore while writing your essay. Before you put pen to paper or do your first web search, you need to know what point you want to make.

Whether that position is to ease the path to citizenship or increase border security, form a strong statement that can be phrased in one sentence as a thesis. That thesis will form the basis of an introductory paragraph that interests the reader about the issue of immigration and why they should be interested in your opinion. The closing sentence should be the thesis itself.

A Catch of Evidence

You don’t need to go on Wikipedia to look up what your opinion is, but you do need to do extensive research to back that opinion up.

Start by writing five reasons why you think your position on immigration reform is valid. You now have the focus of your research. Beyond search engines, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) maintain extensive research tools on its Web site. The body of your essay should be structured to state each of these five pieces of evidence that support your thesis.

Pulling in the Other Side

In the process of creating a quality persuasion concerning your side on immigration reform, it would be a mistake to ignore the other side of that debate.

Read essays with the point of view opposite your own and mention in your own piece the views on the opposite side of your own. In a single paragraph, your next step will be to show respectfully you understand that opinion, and then show why it is the wrong one.

Reeling Them In

By the end of the essay, you have stated your opinion, backed that opinion up and showed why the differing point of view is the incorrect one. The final paragraph is the final gift wrapping of your persuasive argument. It starts the way you ended the first paragraph: By restating your thesis. The words that follow will state what you did to back up that thesis. By the last period of your essay, you’ve reeled in your prized catch and presented a quality argument on immigration reform.