Research paper Examples Online Are Usually Plagiarized

Time is money. There is no fast fix. What seems to be too good to be true probably is. There are a dozen different adages that can explain why utilizing research paper example online is not a good idea. Most of the time, the examples that you find on the Internet are plagiarized, meaning that they are someone else’s works quoted as their own.


People take pride in the work that they do. Therefore, they want to protect the investment of their time and energy and rarely put a research paper online that they have written. Why? Think about it, they probably do not want someone else copying it and getting the credit for a paper that they worked so hard on.

Research papers online are usually ones that have been gotten ahold of and copied. There is no emotional investment in copying someone else’s work, so those who post them don’t care if someone else copies them.


There are many sites online that post research papers that you can view for a certain amount of money. It spears as though they are trying to provide ideas or examples, but it is no secret that those paying to view them think that they are paying to use them. The more papers that people can write and post online, the more money making potential there is. Therefore, instead of spending time writing the papers themselves, it is easier for companies to cheat themselves into profit by plagiarizing.

Maybe, Just Maybe

Maybe some companies don’t have the intent on plagiarizing, but they don’t really know what the rules are. Other companies may think that students are just looking at them for examples, so they aren’t breaking any rules. The Internet is filled with ignorant people who don’t know the difference between right and wrong, or don’t know the rules of business, copyright and writing. Whatever the case may be, it is easier for them to just post plagiarized work anyways, and plead ignorance to the consequence.

There are a number of reasons that you should never take a research paper that is posted online to heart. Companies will copy one paper to another site to try and bump up their profits- and if two students in the same class get the same idea but received their paper from different sites- low and behold you get busted. It isn’t worth taking the chance, and you will gain nothing but a failing grade and a lack of insight by taking an online example as credible.