Research paper topic ideas: useful sources with help

If you are looking for great topics consider these:

  • Do abstinence programs actually work
  • Why are there so many wars in Africa and what potential solutions are there
  • Should certain advertisements be banned because they are unhealthy or immoral?
  • Should the victims of airplane accidents be given compensation?
  • Should governments use body scans to ensure airports are safe or are there better methods?
  • Have U.S. policies to fight terrorism worked?
  • Should pilots be armed?
  • Should it is made illegal to use animals for entertainment?

Remember to include these elements:

  • Introduction. The introduction is where you set up the main issue and grab the attention of the reader by introducing them to your thesis. The introduction is where you build up the issue at hand and set the stage for your argument. This first paragraph is incredibly important because you need to hook the interest of the reader. If you fail to do that, you will lose them.

  • Paragraphs. Every paragraph in your paper needs to focus on a single idea which supports your thesis. Every paragraph needs to begin with a topic sentence and then express your ideas clearly, supported with evidence. You want to write as though your reader were there right in front of you.

  • Conclusion. The conclusion is where you gracefully wrap up the paper. You want to leave the reader with an interesting quote, a memorable twist of logic, or a call to action. Let them know what you want them to walk away with when they finish reading your paper.

  • Format. You need to format your paper according to the guidelines assigned to you. All paraphrased ideas and quotes must be properly supported with an in-text citation and a reference at the end of your paper. Be sure to note which of the style guides you are required to use for your paper. The most popular for English papers and humanities papers is MLA. The most popular for science and psychology is APA. Many other papers will use Chicago or Harvard style.

  • Language. When you are finished writing the first draft, it is up to you to polish the language in your text. Make sure that you used correct grammar. Take time to ensure the sentences flow. Incorporate proper rhythm and emphasis and adjust the paper as necessary. Once you have finished proofreading it is time to edit the paper. Make sure your sentences are properly worded and there are no spelling errors.