How to write a Term Paper in APA Formatting Style

You will write many papers during your academic career. Some of these papers will be in APA style and some will be in MLA style. APA, American Psychological Association, papers are usually assigned in social studies and science classes.

The style can be complex, and you should always bookmark a website that has the detailed directions for writing an APA style paper. A few tips would be to:

  • Always cite in the paper with author name and year published ex. -(Brown, 2001)
  • Use a one inch margin around both sides, the top, and the bottom
  • Use sized 12 font
  • Use a basic style such as Arial or New Times Roman
  • Double space the entire paper
  • Have a centered title page with your name, the teacher’s name, and the name of the school or college
  • Have a header (left) and page number (right) on every page of the paper
  • Use credible and valid sources
  • Directly after the header, you will have an abstract which summarizes, in lees than a page, the paper and your goal
  • The body of the paper will probably have questions that you answer
  • Ask the teacher exactly what they want included in the body of the paper
  • After the body you will have a bibliography page with the sources cited in APA format
  • In a science paper, you may need to discuss the labs and methods you used
  • In a science or social studies paper, you may have to include graphs or charts
  • Have a strong thesis statement
  • Write an outline to follow
  • Meet all your deadlines
  • Make sure you have a rough and a final draft
  • Go for any teacher help offered
  • Hire a tutor or professional writer for help if you struggle
  • Do not get behind in your work
  • Do not plagiarize

Use this handy checklist as you write your APA style paper. You will need a more comprehensive guide or site for the intricate and tricky parts of the paper. It is important that you do not get behind in your research or writing. Make sure all of your research is valid, and never ever plagiarize when you write your term paper. It will be very difficult to catch up if you get behind in your paper. Remember; ask for help at the first sign that you may be struggling with your APA style term paper.