Research paper on computers: finding up to date information

Each research paper topic has the same challenges: where to find the best and latest information. In today’s world of easy-to-find answers, the general Internet is not always the best source. In many cases, the best, more up-to-date information is collected in journals and databases. Yes, those can be found online, but they are not accessible to the general public. Knowing where to look makes writing a research paper about computers a manageable task.

Turn to Databases

Most colleges, universities, and school districts have accounts in specific databases. These databases are like gigantic digital filing cabinet full of specialized articles for a certain topic. Databases exist for topics relating to medicine, law, technology, education, and general information, too. The idea behind databases is that they collect useful, well-written, quality articles that are not as easy to find online. Many large libraries, like those in major cities and those run by states, often have an extensive collection of databases for their users to access. The databases usually charge an annual fee to libraries and schools. Those costs are usually absorbed by the institutions so their patrons can use them at no charge.

Avoid the Opinions and Blogs

If you are writing about the latest technology, most of the general Internet pieces you find will be opinionated. Most online pieces are reviews or how-to articles. When you are writing a research paper, you need data that is factual and most of the non-database pieces will include facts, but most are designed to help consumers make a choice about what type of computer, tablet, or smartphone to use.

Check Your Writer’s Credentials

The challenge with choosing website over database articles is recognizing and believing the credentials of the author. Anyone can write a post an article on a website, but only credentialed experts can write for industry-related journals. When you choose a random article you found online, your author could be someone who knows nothing about computers, but was paid to fill some space on a website. If you are looking for authors to learn from, pick the ones that have knowledge to impart by taking the time to investigate the databases and professional articles they contain.

Check the Date of Publication

Before you commit to any data for a research paper, check the date of publication. Because computers change so quickly, you will want to find the newest data. Usually, when you search a database, you can narrow your choices by publication date. You might want to limit your choices to within three or fewer years, so you are guaranteed the latest data.