Is it Hard to Find Good History Research Paper Topics?

History is one of the most interesting topics to read and write about, as well as a topic with an abundance of information for you to use. It is not difficult to find something to write about for a history research paper. Just think about what historical topics interest you. Is there something you already know a lot about and would like to learn more about? Is there something you’re really curious about or interested in that you’d like to research? Is there something you’d like to tell your reader about? Based off of these questions, thinking of a topic should be fairly simple.

Still Don’t Know What to Write About?

If nothing jumps out at you when you’re trying to think of topics, use your resources to think of something.

  • Look through handouts and notes from class. Maybe there’s something you did really well on or something that interested you.
  • Flip through your history textbook and look at different chapters and what they cover. Do any of them interest you? Think about if you want to talk about a certain country or region. For example, if you’re interested in Asia, look at what your book has on Asian traditions, Asian wars, Asian inventions and weapons, etc. Think about if there were any movements or time periods you’d like to write about. Does the Renaissance interest you? Do you want to learn more about the Age of Enlightenment? Are there any wars that peak your interest? Your textbook is a wealth of information and can tell you about any of these topics.


Doing some reading and some research will help you come up with exactly what you want to write about. In reading everything your textbook has to say about your chosen topic, and in your research online or in the library, you will come up with exactly what you want to say. Instead of having a broad, general paper about the Vietnam War, write about:

  • The involvement of the United States in the war
  • Guerrilla warfare tactics
  • How the Iraq War turned into another Vietnam War for the U.S. and if the U.S. should never have gotten involved
  • What the war cost the United States in money, in lives, in resources, etc.

Topic Ideas

If you still don’t have any ideas for a topic or would like topic ideas to help get you thinking of your own, here is a short list of general things to write about:

  • The Great Depression
  • The Trail of Tears
  • The Civil War
  • Women’s Suffrage
  • Prohibition
  • The invasion of Panama
  • Hurricane Katrina
  • The fall of the Roman Empire
  • Leonardo Da Vinci's art and life

These are only a few of the millions of things you could write about. History is a fun and easy subject to write about if you’re willing to do the research and if you’re passionate about the topic.