Guidelines on Finding Term Paper Topics for Economics

Economics is a vast subject, which makes it both good and bad for essay writing. For one thing, there is a multitude of topics you can explore. On the other hand, almost all of them have been researched before.

Finding a truly unique and original topic for an economics paper is almost impossible. This is why you should focus on your approach to the subject and the arguments you will use in the paper. They must both serve to offer a new look at the already established problem.

The best way to choose a topic that will help you write a good paper is to review material that you have already studied. This way, you will know something about the subject, and it will be easier to conduct more in-depth research than starting a completely new project.

Before you make the final decision on the topic of your paper, you will need to do some research. You will have to make sure that there is enough material to use for the essay. Take the required size and type of the paper into consideration when doing this.

Most importantly, choose a topic that you like. It may not always be possible, but try to pick a subject that can keep you interested long enough at least to create a good essay.

Examples of Economics Term Paper Topics

  • The effects of gambling on society.
  • In this paper, you will need to present information about the effects of gambling on the economy. You will also need to mention the psychological effects this activity has on some individuals, and determine how it affects society as a whole. To make the paper more interesting, you can conduct a hypothetical case study of what a world economy would look like without gambling.

  • The impact illegal immigration has on the economy.
  • In this paper, you will need to research the job opportunities open to illegal emigrants, and determine what kind of impact their work has on the national economy. You will also need to consider the political side of the problem, research the methods used to fight illegal immigration, and discuss its effects on international trade.

  • Can the problem of domestic poverty be solved?
  • This paper will require a massive amount of research and speculation. Make sure that all your calculations are correct, and that all the solutions you offer are actually viable.

  • Economic implications of capital punishment.
  • This paper should explore an area that is rarely considered when discussing the death penalty. Assess the problem from an economical point of view, and determine whether this type of punishment is actually less expensive than keeping prisoners locked up for life.