How To Craft A Good Conclusion For A Research Paper?

Writing a conclusion for a research paper is like submitting a report on all your achievements based on the time and efforts you have taken for the project. So, you must ensure that your efforts reap the desired benefit that you intended to achieve through your research work. Therefore, there must be sufficient care that must be taken while you draft your conclusion of your research paper that reflects all your work done on the project and would present your results that you have met with through your work on the research project. A significant thing that comes across clearly through the conclusion of your research paper is the clarity you have gained on the subject along the progress of your research and the ease with which you can now deal with the concerned issue by way of contributing to the research work in terms of giving your won recommendations in the form of ideas for improving upon the problem/ issue or the way it needs to be handles in the near future.

Whichever method you choose, you cannot shy away from the fact, that the conclusion you prepare for your research paper holds the merit for your work and accomplishments in the area and thus it is a window for you to strongly voice out your opinion on the research problem with the support of evidence that you have collected through your research work.

In order to draft a good conclusion, you must follow the below mentioned rules:

  1. Use the conclusion to provide a summary of your research.
  2. Your conclusion must make a restatement of your thesis statement/ hypothesis by either offering acceptance to the original statement or disregarding the claim made in the thesis statement of being irrelevant or misrepresentation of facts. Whichever case if the thesis statement is found to be unsubstantiated it will turn out that the claim is invalid and hence does not apply.
  3. Follow the order of logic and sound reasoning in drafting your conclusion.
  4. Always support your conclusive arguments and views based on the results and evidential support which otherwise will hold no merit based on the context of the research paper which is aligned with statement and supporting evidence.
  5. Make your ideas to be represented clearly through the conclusion by incorporating them in the section of recommendation which lists out the various approaches and solutions you bring about through your thesis and research. These recommendations must stand in relevance to the current situation and must offer the value of good judgment and forethought along with reasonable inputs in the form of solutions, preventive measures, word of caution or approach to deal with the issue/ research problem.
  6. It must also offer an olive branch for further research that could be taken up by researchers to progress the research based on further contemplation on the issue/ research problem.
  7. It must be a clear representation of the thesis results.