Career Research Paper; Writing An Outstanding Abstract

High school students are often asked to complete a career research paper before they graduate. The reason why career research papers are assigned is to encourage students to consider their futures and a possible occupation that they may be interested in. Working on a career research paper, isn't exactly the most thrilling thing that you could be doing with your time. However, if you buckle down and create a unique and engaging piece to hand in, you'll get a better grade and possibly be able to use that paper for your College application.

Unlike other writing assignments that you have done, a career research paper also asks for your opinion on the career that you are researching. When you have completed the assignment you should have a good idea of what that career will entail, and what exactly you need to do to get there. It helps you identify a "career path" that may also include choosing an institution for your college or university applications. Ideally, you should select a career that you are genuinely interested in learning about in order to make the most of going through the career research exercise.

Instead of focusing on the fact that you are writing another High School paper, try to think of your career research paper as a useful assignment to get you thinking about your future. After all as soon as you graduate you are going to be expected to go on to college or university if you want to get a good job. Career research assignments are meant to get students focused and looking critically at a chosen career option. By choosing something you may be authentically interested in to research, you'll actually become more knowledgeable about a particular job and figure out if it is actually an appropriate choice for you.

When teachers grade career research paper assignments they are looking to see if the student has carefully considered the career, and what there opinions on it are. You can write an outstanding abstract by including your own insights and impressions (both positive or negative) and clearly discussing the different aspects of the job. It may be a good idea to see if you can spend a day shadowing someone who is actually employed at your career or interviewing someone who has done it. This will give your composition that extra edge that will land you a high-grade percentage, and impress your teacher with your enthusiasm.