Best Nation To Live In

Part of being patriotic means thinking more highly of your own country than others. To consider the idea of one nation being objectively ‘better’ however would require an analysis of several factors. This essay attempts to accomplish that through a look at per capita income, life expectancy, education, crime and inequality.

The wealth of a country can be calculated based on its gross domestic product or GDP divided by the size of its population. Dividing by population can provide a more accurate picture, particularly as some countries have very low GDP when their large population is taken into consideration. The main problem with this is how unequally this money is distributed. Some people may have most of the wealth (particularly if they are in the inner circle of a dictator) while the others starve.

This is a measure that is influenced by several other factors but definitely gives an idea of how good it is to live in a country. The poorest countries in the world can have life expectancies similar to those enjoyed by Europeans in the dark ages or during a very bad plague. This often indicates lack of access to clean water or food and a bad health care system.

At one point in time literacy rates were the best indicator of education but with the greater access to information more should be expected. A country should have a population that has completed primary and secondary levels of education successfully.

Many countries appear to be successful until their crime statistics become available. A high crime rate can affect all aspects of life. It can create inequality in wealth distribution and even lower life expectancy. Usually crime is also result of some level of inequality or governmental mismanagement.

There may be several countries that have not enjoyed any peace since they were founded. A country should have a method of smoothly transferring power from one person to another after fair elections. Without this, the population will constantly be waiting for a new upheaval.

The traits of a good country listed in this essay can be looked at by anyone who wants to judge their nation objectively. These are all more important than having the most robust film industry or having the most attractive population or the best beaches. Succeeding in all of those indicators would result in a nation of people living comfortably with each other.