Step-by-step research paper writing tutorial

Understanding the steps required in writing a research paper can help you plan accordingly. Some people may follow steps based on their writing habits or in the best way they feel will allow them to get the content completed. Steps required may vary depending on subject matter and research paper structure. Overall, they can be followed easily when you allow yourself enough time to complete them thoroughly. The following steps are usually taken to complete a research paper.

  1. Choose a topic to write about. This is something of interest or something you want to learn more about. This may start off being something broad in general you can break down into something you want to research later. Brainstorming may help you develop the topic you want to write about.
  2. Get a brief overview about your topic by using reference materials such as an encyclopedia. This can help you get an idea on what angle or perspective to write your topic from.
  3. Define your thesis statement or purpose for your research. Again, this may be broad in the beginning but as you research your topic you can refine it to make it stronger and more concise later.
  4. Make a list of potential resources to use for your research. This may be based on subject matter for your topic and evidence needed to support your thesis. Select reputable sources that offer up to date information. Have something such as note cards to help you keep track of sources you do use.
  5. Make an outline for your paper. There are samples you can use online or you can create your own based on what your paper needs. This may include sections or categories your research paper is made up of. As you do your research you can use it to record your findings. Note cards can serve a similar purpose and work to answer questions you may have about your topic.
  6. Start researching your topic. Some students may begin writing their paper at the same time, or at least create a rough draft soon after.
  7. Write your paper based on your findings. Create body paragraphs, introduction, conclusion, etc.
  8. If necessary create your reference page or bibliography that cites sources used for research.
  9. Develop a title page based on guidelines and instructions if required.
  10. Revise, proofread, edit and evaluate completed content.