2013 Finance Thesis Topics

Writing a thesis paper on finance has unlimited possibilities. One reason why selecting a topic in this field can be such a challenge is due to the broadness of various subjects. For instance, topic subject ideas such as marketing finance, risk management, banking, and real estate can each be broken down into smaller areas of study. Of course, your personal interests should act as a guide in helping you choose something worth the effort to research and write about.

People who love money may look into ways of building it or multiplying it. Then, there are penny pinchers who like to strategize and look for ways to save more of their revenue. In the end, it depends on how you look at and that can be the perspective you need to help you get started with your research. The following ideas may help you craft your own topic to research.

  • Banking systems and how to improve them or build a better one.
  • How people save up for retirement. This can be something to research in different countries or general ways people do it.
  • Investing and different strategies practiced over the last few decades.
  • Ways consumers make decisions about their finances and spending.
  • Commodity and futures; how they are used and/or why they should be considered.
  • Understanding the logistics of reverse mortgages and solving associated problems.
  • Raising capital for a business venture.
  • Making money or losing money in real estate.
  • How proposals are developed in shareholding, investing for certain industries.
  • Corporate finance issues: stock market values, credit reporting agencies and/or how they downgrade or upgrade credit statuses of a company, agency or corporation.
  • Asset pricing: determining how an employee should be paid for work they do, the value of assets and how they decrease or increase as the market/economy changes. What consequences are suffered when an asset has a value too high or fluctuates?

Additional Finance Topic Tips

Finance is a broad topic that often has news or issues trending in the media. Some topics and concerns are issues one or more countries continue to struggle with. Consumers often have issues with money when they lose their job or come into sudden wealth. Many wonder how governments really handle funding for different types of programs and why it takes so long to determine when funds are being misused. Others may question if putting in more effort really translates to more profits.